The ideal candidate for our Featured ARC Residency is a self-motivated individual able to work well independently and within a community. Residents are selected based on the quality of their work, commitment to their practice, and ability to interact positively with the community at large. Selected artists will exemplify our diverse mission & goals with workshops, lectures, community partnerships and exhibitions that broaden and expand the spectrum of art in Chattanooga. 


Application Instructions:


Step one: Click on "Apply" and you will be prompted to fill out the application form†. Pay the application fee.We recommend preparing your answers offline in your text-editor of choice, then copying and pasting at checkout, so as to avoid timeouts and the potential loss of your answers.

Step two: Email your CV and 10 portfolio items for consideration, including title, year, medium and physical dimensions (Images should be no larger than 5mb each, and videos should be no longer than 10min). In addition to the portfolio of 10 images*, please include any sketches, models, drawings or any other materials to support your Project Statement and/or Statement of Intent.

There is a FAQ section below with questions and answers specific for the Featured ARC Residency. Don't forget to checkout our Tips on a Successful Application on our FAQ page.

* If your work is time based or has video documentation, you may also link to media from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud. Put this link in the list of title, year, etc.

† Your answers will never be associated with your name or any other identifying information in our reporting.

Applications Are CLOSED


"Part of the issue with the residency is I’m getting won over to Chattanooga, and I’m seeing all these positive benefits of being a Chattanooga person, like, it’s easy to live here. The community is very open and accessible, and it has been made that way during my stay here."

-Ryder Richards, Fall 2016 Featured ARC Resident Artist


Featured ARC Residency FAQ




ARC is open to creative permanent residents of the United States living outside the greater Chattanooga area working in any medium. Artists who are or will be enrolled in a college or university art degree-granting program during the time of the residency are not eligible to apply.

How do I Apply?

Fill out the Application form at the top of this page and pay the $25 applicaiton fee; then mail your 10 images/video links and their info to More info at the top of this page.

When do I Arrive?

Residents should plan to arrive at the beginning of the designated month. Lodging details will be discussed with accepted applicants. We offer our featured residency on the following schedule (based on available funding):

  • Spring: March (Applications open in November)

  • Summer: June (Applications open in February)

  • Fall: September (Applications open in May)

  • Winter: December (Applications open in August)

what does ARC provide?

Our Featured resident artists receive the following at no cost:

  • Lodging for a month

  • Studio space for a month

  • Exhibition opportunity

  • Documentation

  • Opportunities for press, interviews, studio visits, networking

  • Stipend/Honorarium (if funding allows)

  • In-kind services & discounts from local businesses

Artist Expectations

Artists are expected to provide the following while in residence:

  • Exhibition of new work

  • Open Studio day

  • Public Workshop

  • Lecture/Artist Talk

  • Donation of artwork to ARC

What should I bring?

  • Art supplies – any special materials or tools that are integral to your project. There are some art supply stores in the downtown area, as well as Ace. Lowe's and Home Depot are further away. Materials can also be shipped to the residency.

  • Medicine or dietary food – if you have special dietary needs, please bring these things with you as the grocery store may not have them. We do have Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and Publix.

  • Weather appropriate clothing and shoes – we'll help you figure this part out as we do get 4 full seasons – sometimes in the same week!

Can my Spouse/children join me?

No, unfortunately we cannot accommodate families at this time. However, artist duos can apply for our Featured ARC Residency but they will be sharing a bed. 

how do you define 'duo'?

We imagine a duo as producing work collaboratively as a single unit, blending together in a way that isn't two separate practices pushed together. Of course as a team there are roles, strengths and weaknesses, but the work should be cohesively integrated. We'd like to see a portfolio of duo/collaborative work representative of that practice, instead of individual artist portfolios. 


There is a non-refundable application fee of $25. Your submission is not complete nor will it be reviewed until payment is made. These go towards the sustainability of our programming.  

Are there project restrictions?

No: The program is designed for the artist’s needs: whether that’s the creation of a new body of work; experimentation with new materials or ideas; or the opportunity to visit a new place and meet new people to refresh and revitalize the studio practice. We do require an exhibition, lecture, and workshop from the  featured resident artist.

when will i be notified?

Applicants will be notified within two weeks after the deadline as to whether they were accepted into the program for the current season. We will notify all applicants of our decision.

what does ARC NOT provide?

  • Supplies/Materials/Special Tools

  • Food/Travel/Other living costs

  • Turndown service

how many artists are in residence at one time?

Until we develop more resources to host multiple artists simultaneously, we can only accommodate one featured resident (or duo) at a time. 

Will i sell work at this residency?

There is the possibility while the work is on display and is available for purchase, however we cannot guarantee that any work made during the residency will sell during the exhibition. 

How do i get my work back home?

The artist is responsible for packing, shipping, or otherwise transporting work from Chattanooga to home, work, another gallery, or other destination. This may affect the duration of the exhibition depending on the artist's needs.

Will i get a critical review of my exhibition?

While ARC does its best to push the residency and exhibition into the public eye of the Greater Chattanooga area, including Nashville, Knoxville, and Atlanta, Chattanooga proper lacks a dedicated critical arts publication. As such, we cannot guarantee a critical review will take place for publication. 

what should i not bring?

Pets, your TV, toxic materials, anything illegal…


Header Photo credit John Frala