ROtem + Omri
Maybe A Horse
LIT Art Gallery
Summer 2018


Chattanooga, TN — ARC: Artist Residency Chattanooga, in partnership with LIT Gallery, is excited to present Maybe A Horse, the second collaboration between Israeli husband-and-wife duo Rotem and Omri Zin-Tamir. Stemming from notions about “Art as a device for seeing” that originate in a 1919 text by Russian literary critique Viktor Shklovsky titled “Art as Device”, Zin-Tamir are creating an installation that probes the condition of interaction with space and imagery and challenges the automated state of everyday perception.

The exhibition will contain several images dispersed across the gallery walls, and will circle around a central object in the form of a large wooden box that draws influence from large format street cameras. The box in fact operates as an image machine, displaying a sequence of gradual changes in a series of moving images. This display is housed inside what’s known as a Pepperʼs Ghost theater – an illusionistic theater aimed at creating physical presence where none actually exists – and will be viewed through an opening in the front of the box, accessible to a single viewer at a time and inviting them to engage in the physical act of seeing.

Within the box, objects of various degrees of ordinariness and familiarity, will move seemingly spontaneously and interact with each other. They will appear and disappear, move independently across the space, defy gravity, interact with and transform into other objects, and so on. The objects will assume a holographic ambiguity that registers as physical presence but alters conventional perceptions of scale, movement and depth, suggesting a kind of wonderland where nothing is quite what it seems to be. The images on the walls in the exhibition depict the objects in various stages extracted from the process of creating the image sequence displayed in the box. They are placed in a still mode, frozen in time, calling for a more intimate examination and yet maintaining a sensual appeal and disclosing little to nothing more about their quantifiable nature.


popup in east lake park, chattanooga

After the gallery exhibition, the box then assumed a second life and was set up for an afternoon art happening in East Lake Park in east Chattanooga, bringing the theater to the public in an attempt to lure in the park going crowd to experience a moment of seeing. The images on display depict the formation of man-made clouds within an enclosed space, and with a good partially cloudy sky on the day of the event, suggesedt a visual experience in the spirit of trompe l’oeil, where a fabricated image of a thing appears in the place where the thing already naturally exists. The viewer was then given a postcard of a man-made cloud as a gift for her/his participation.



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