Featured ARC Residency

Our Featured Residency supports a single artist or artist duo. Residents are selected from a public, open call and reviewed by a jury. Artists provide a workshop, lecture, and exhibition, as well as donating an artwork to ARC. 


ARC provides lodging, studio, exhibition, and documentation including a mini documentary, at no cost to the artist. There is a $25 application fee. More Information →


Mural Mini-Residency

Our partnership with En Root House has been phenomenal, and we're happy to manage the Mural Mini-Residency for them.

This program hosts an artist at En Root House for one to two weeks while furnishing a mural on one of the fence panels that surrounds the property. Lodging is provided for free courtesy of En Root; the artist will be provided with one of the shared bunks, and is responsible for all other travel, materials, and living expenses. Application is free! More Information →