Announcing Summer 2018 Featured Artists in Residence

Since our launch in mid-2016, limited resources could only facilitate a single artist during our month-long residencies. As we’ve continued to learn, grow, and play within our community, our resources and possibilities have expanded proportionally. With the close of our call for our two- year anniversary, we are most excited to announce that we will be hosting three artists in the month of June! 

Originally from Israel, with MFAʼs in Sculpture + Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University, Rotem & Omri Zin-Tamirʼs collaborative practice evolved through mutual interests and influences and an ongoing involvement with each other's individual work. At their core is a persisting meditation on questions regarding authorship and the nature of the creative process. Their work develops through vigorous conversation, both in the form of sculptural action and verbal dialogue, as an ongoing state of exchange, with a conscious intention to avoid conclusive resolutions and an emphasis on process and relations. The Zin-Tamirs will be hosted by ARC co-founder and Director Aaron Cowan and during their residency will be creating a new work to be shown at LIT Gallery in St. Elmo. Stemming from notions about “Art as a device for seeing” that originate in a 1919 text by Russian literary critique Viktor Shklovsky titled “Art as Technique/Device”, the work consists of a Pepperʼs Ghost theater that will lure a single viewer at a time to indulge in the act of seeing and disarm his/her automated state of everyday perception.

Omri & Rotem Zin-Tamir,  Larval Acceleration , Locust Projects, 2017

Omri & Rotem Zin-Tamir, Larval Acceleration, Locust Projects, 2017

An MFA graduate in Sculpture + Extended Media from Ohio State University, Nick Fagan lives and works in Richmond, VA. His practice meanders in-between, searching for mediums that bridge painting, drawing, and sculpture; drawings manifest into welded steel or carved from foam, balancing between delicate and impending in their grand scale. With a dedicated and focused studio practice, Fagan works ritualistically and intuitively to manifest new ideas from the studio itself, which takes on its own personality and behaviors revealed in the shadows and refuse of his presence. Chattanoogaʼs newest gallery VERSA will exhibit Faganʼs installation of a large-scale relief-sculpture seeped in ideas of temporal reality, anxiety, and prophecy. With Rodinʼs Gates of Hell as a point of departure, these ideas are rife in our society, political climate, and have an overwhelming affect on the individual, which Fagan hopes to elicit and strike a dialogue to create connection and understanding in community through shared experiences. 

Nick Fagan,  Wall Draw , 2018

Nick Fagan, Wall Draw, 2018

We canʼt wait for Summer to arrive and to share these incredible artists with the Scenic City! This season will be jam-packed with opportunities to engage with the artists and their work; stay tuned for our schedule of events!