ARC & CFF Artists, Installations, & Exhibitions

Presented by ARC: Artist Residency Chattanooga in collaboration with Chattanooga Film Festival

Badges, Wristbands, and Tickets now available to the Chattanooga Film Festival. There are also a handful of free screenings, and all workshops are also free & open to the public!

Do you love stuffing your eyeballs with art as much as film? View that line as very thin or non-existant? So do we! April 5-8 we will have some very near & dear local artists exhibiting their work for the duration of the festival. In addition to supporting local artists, we have created a special Featured Exhibiting Artist Residency for CFF 2018; Selected artist Tra Bouscaren is joining us all the way from Watsonville, CA, to create an immersive multimedia experience. More info about the artists below:


Aaron Cowan [website] - Working sculpturally, Aaron Cowan's work often combines materials associated with play and physical labor, including toys, forts, guns and other playful references mixed with grit and sweat. Cowan draws influence from cultural expectations & growing up in the Southeastern US, mining lived and shared histories of toxic masculinity, boyish mischief, and the struggles of existing within these contradictions. We promise it'll be fun AND thought provoking!

Claire Bloomfield [website] - Claire Bloomfield originally hails from Nashville, TN, but earned her BFA and cut her teeth on art right here in Chattanooga. Inspired by holy practices of India, toxicity in our culture, and plants & the universe, Bloomfield uses the scanner bed to cultivate paintings with dirt, glitter, paint, and anything else she can spill and scan to create gorgeous other-worldly images. Playing Goddess has never looked so good.

Matthew Dutton [website] - If you get the chance to meet Dutton during the festival, you'll quickly know why he's one of our favorite local sculptors. His surreal and phantastic work has been exhibited in New York City, Sand Diego CA, Hamburg Germany, and graced the glossy pages of Juxtapose Magazine. Dutton mixes sculptural processes and found objects to create a feral aesthetic that reflects his life as an artist--with meticulously hand-crafted elements that both attract and repulse all at once.

Travis Knight [website] - As a prolific designer and illustrator, we love Knight's aesthetic so much we made it the official branding of the Festival. Known locally for his series of daily 'creeps' dedicated to all things pop-culture and horror, Knight's 'lowbrow' style is immediately enjoyable and covered in grime, slime, and eyeballs, kinda like us! 


Tra Bouscaren [website] - Bouscaren's work engages American spectacle at the crossroads of waste culture and the surveillance state. From a technical perspective, his research works to extend our capacity to manipulate live video together with streaming internet feeds according to a variety of digital inputs in real time.

While in Chattanooga Bouscaren will be working to create a giant, ceiling-mounted styrofoam “Doom Cloud”, which will become a 'sculpted screen' awash in a video bath from multiple projectors. Visitors will be able to contribute their own live video images as mashed up with live internet news feeds and social media information as it is projection-mapped onto the surface of the cloud sculpture and barked out by speakers buried within it.