ARC Hopeful for ArtsBuild Grant

ARC recently applied for a Community Cultural Connections grant from local arts NonProfit ArtsBuild. The Diversity section of Imagine Chattanooga 20/20 suggests the following goal: “To ensure that neighborhoods and underserved communities are better served, a special neighborhood arts and culture program should be developed that provides small grants for neighborhood and community cultural initiatives.”  In response, ArtsBuild implemented a program which makes arts and culture more accessible to underserved populations, inclusive of geographic area, ethnicity, age and individuals with disabilities. 

We plan to use this funding to provide services, honorariums, and stipends for the artist to travel to, live and work in Chattanooga for one month to create a new exhibition of work and provide free community outreach, developing the artist's career and educating the local arts community. Here's hoping we receive some financial support through this grant program!