This page exists to answer most questions about the program in general. questions about specific residencies can be found on their application page:
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ARC is open to creatives living anywhere in the world, working in any medium. Artists who are or will be enrolled in a college or university art degree-granting program during the time of the residency are not eligible to apply. Specific residencies have different eligibility requirements.

How do I Apply?

Visit the appropriate page for the residency of your interest and fill out the application form. Email additional media as instructed to All of the submission requirements, instruction, and guidelines are included on the application pages. 


We do our best to offer residency sessions each season for our featured program. The short-term residency (STAR program) is scheduled with individual residents on a first-come first-served basis. 

When do I ARRIVE?

Featured residents should plan to arrive at the beginning of the designated month unless otherwise arranged. Short-term residents choose their own dates.

What should I bring?

  • Art supplies – any special materials or tools that are integral to your project. There are some art supply stores in the downtown area, as well as Ace. Lowe's and Home Depot are further away. Materials can also be shipped to the residency.

  • Medicine or dietary food – if you have special dietary needs, please bring these things with you as the grocery store may not have them. We do have Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and Publix.

  • Weather appropriate clothing and shoes – we'll help you figure this part out as we do get 4 full seasons – sometimes in the same week!

what should i not bring?

Pets, your TV, toxic materials, anything illegal…

Will i get a critical review of my exhibition?

We push the residency and exhibition into the public eye of the greater Chattanooga area within reason, including Nashville, Knoxville, and Atlanta, though Chattanooga proper lacks a dedicated critical arts publication. As such, we cannot guarantee a critical review will take place for publication. 

How do i get my work back home?

The artist is responsible for packing, shipping, or otherwise transporting work from Chattanooga to home, work, another gallery, or other destination. This may affect the duration of the exhibition depending on the artist's needs.




More information about what ARC provides vs. what the artist needs to provide is available on the specific residency pages.

  • Featured ARC Residency - $25 application fee

  • S.T.A.R. - No applicaiton fee; Residency fees apply

  • En Root Mini Mural Residency - No longer active

Are there project restrictions?

Generally, No: While the Featured residency has some specific requirements, we created ARC with the purpose of supporting artists: a place to work, experiment, & sabbatical; gain new inspiration in our community; refresh and revitalize the studio practice.

when will i be notified?

Applicants are generally notified within two weeks after the deadline. We will respond to everyone who applies. 

what does ARC provide?

The following is provided to all residents: 

  • Lodging

  • Studio

  • Opportunities for press, interviews, studio visits, networking (for Short Term residents these opportunities are limited and based on availability and the artist's interest)

  • In-kind services & discounts from local businesses

Featured ARC Residents also receive the following at no cost:

  • Documentation

  • Stipend/Honorarium (if funding allows)

  • Lead a Workshop

  • Opening reception artist talk (if applicable)

ARC provides access to limited tools, processes, & resources available in Chattanooga, and on-site assistance as needed and available. We are constantly working on securing grants, honorariums, and in-kind services & discounts from local foundations and businesses. 

what does ARC NOT provide?

  • Supplies/Materials/Special Tools

  • Food/Travel/Other living costs

  • Turndown service

how many artists are in residence at one time?

We are just getting our program started; until we develop more resources to host multiple artists simultaneously, we can only accommodate one resident per program (2 at any given time). 

Will i sell work at this residency?

There is the possibility while the work is on display and is available for purchase, however we cannot guarantee that any work made during the residency will sell during the exhibition. 

What if...?

Odd things happen and we love creative problem solving. Here's some of the stuff we've encountered before.


What if I need to temporarily leave the residency?

Arrangements can be made should you need to leave temporarily as long as our requirements of you can still be scheduled and fulfilled, such as lecture/workshop/exhibition for our featured artists.

what if i need to manipulate the space or work site specifically?

ARC started in a project space and we understand the value of an artist's uninhibited vision. We're open to ideas that embody the spirit of a project space (creating an environment, using the gallery as canvas, etc.) These ideas and solutions are happily considered in the spirit of collaboration and creative problem solving. We invite these situations and believe they can create a stronger impact on ARC, its artists, and the community.

What if I need special facilities/equipment?

In the case you need access to specialized facilities (ceramics studio, wood shop, printmaking, etc), there are some organizations in town that we have partnerships with and others we can reach out to, providing visiting residents access to facilities for working with nearly any medium. If you think this applies to you and your project, be sure to let us know on your application!

What if I need to bring 'X'?

Any special tools or processes should be able to be accommodated; ARC artists have brought 3D printers, worked with caustic acid, and shot guns as part of their art making process while in residence. If you're concerned about a particular tool or process you're planning on working with, we'll help you figure it out.

What if I need assistance?

While we can't provide 24/7 assistance, we can arrange for most situations if known a little in advance. ARC, as well as the gallery/studio, has some knowledgeable staff that will usually be available, and Chattanooga is home to several skilled artists and craftspeople that can be utilized to help bring your vision to life and make your project a success.

What if I have a breakdown?

This is a normal part of being an artist (and human?) we all go through; we're here to help you with understanding, open arms, snacks and cartoons. But really, we want you to succeed and will do everything in our power to get you back on track. Go Team!

Tips for a Successful Application


Learn more about what we're looking for in a residency candidate


Quality of work and portfolio

As a visual artist residency, the portfolio is typically the first thing we see and makes the biggest impression. We want to see your best work in the best light; your 10 portfolio pieces should give us an example of the work you make and act as a testament to your practice. This is our 'proof in the pudding' and a major crux for choosing residents.

Growing as an Artist

We're focused on the professional development of an artist, everything from improving writing and interview skills to strengthening their portfolio and vitae. One of our main goals is to give artists the opportunity to experiment and push the limits of their ideas, abilities, and comfort: will the residency take the artist to new heights? Is the residency being fully utilized with the project proposal? Can the artist offer something Chattanooga doesn't have, and vice versa? We seek candidates that will benefit from the residency just as much as ARC and Chattanooga will benefit from the artist's time here. 


Visiting artists act as art ambassadors, and as such are looked up to as professionals in the field and successful navigators of the art world, having been selected from a juried application process to create + educate in Chattanooga. Continuous professional activity and artistic practice shows commitment to being an artist and ideally is reflected in a resume or curriculum vitae. The history of exhibitions, projects, field-related jobs/careers/positions, awards, and past residencies contribute to a fuller picture of who you are as an artist and gives us more confidence in your application.

references/letters of recommendation

We feel references and letters are almost always going to be positive endorsements and can be an obstacle that would prevent an otherwise strong candidate from applying. They can be included but are not necessary.

Broadening and expanding Chattanooga's art climate

Our community is active, supportive, and open to new ideas, which is why we love introducing artists to our city. ARC views itself as a cultural producer, bringing contemporary, experimental, fringe and outsider art to Chattanooga, fueled by national artists combining traditional disciplines with non-traditional art practices. From our experience, multidisciplinary artists utilizing installation, new media, performance, or social practice usually create a bigger impact than those working strictly within a single discipline.

Workshop proposal

A successful workshop is more than a procedural demo; we place higher value on instructional sessions that integrate unique elements of the artist's practice and conceptual framework.
2016 ARC featured artist Ryder Richards lead attendees in creating their own gas mask from household materials—not only was it fun and functional, it explored themes of power imbalances, government conspiracies, and subversive tendencies, which are all integral to Ryder's studio practice.
Workshops that encourage community involvement to create an interactive work (such as a performance, gathering, event, parade), or makes possible the completion of an ambitious project are also encouraged; these can occur over as much of the residency as the artist sees fit for schedule and creating props, costume, or other necessary items.


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