Mural Mini-Residency with En Root House

Our good pals at En Root House are looking for outdoor muralists to help beautify their small hostel in exchange for free lodging.

Located in the historic Highland Park area you'll be just minutes away from downtown Chattanooga, including bars, restaurants, parks, hiking trails, the zoo, museums, art galleries and coffee shops. Bikes are available to borrow and there is a bus stop a block away, so there's no excuse to not get downtown!

How To Apply

The Residency

The fence that goes around En Root House will act as blank canvases for the Mini Residency Artists. There are several smaller 'panels' that makeup the sides of the fencing and one long, unbroken panel that makes up the back of the fence. The photos below demonstrate the makeup and general size of the panels. 

Choose Your Panel

Applicants will specify which panel they want to paint. The panels are a manageable size and mostly composed out of corrugated sheet metal. They are approximately 6' tall by 6'wide, but they do vary slightly from panel to panel. 





  • Outdoor Mural
  • Material and Supplies (including paint, brushes, etc)
  • Travel to and from Chattanooga & En Root House
  • Food for yourself


  • Free lodging at En Root House for up to 7 consecutive days in one of the shared rooms
  • Portfolio development with completion of project
  • Opportunity to beautify Chattanooga and En Root House

You can find out more about En Root House, their location, rates & amenities at their website. Hear about 2016 ARC resident Ryder Richard's experience with ARC, En Root, and Chattanooga:

How To Apply

Send an email to with the following information:

  • Contact Details (Full name & phone number)
  • 5 - 10 images of previous work, preferably murals or large-scale paintings
  • Proposal sketches of your planned mural
  • Specify if you are applying for a Side Panel or the Back Panel
  • Pay nothing!