A very special thank you to ArtsBuild for awarding ARC with a Community Cultural Connections grant to make this residency possible.
Thanks to In Orbit Productsions LLC for providing the beautiful photographs and videography featuring our resident artists.

Dana Lynn Harper
Garden Party
LIT Art Gallery
Fall 2017


Dana Lynn Harper
Cultivating Light
Swine Gallery
Fall 2017



During the fabrication of “Garden Party,” I began to understand the work’s connection to literal gardening, the idea of beautifying the world with care and joy. Starting new installations always brings me back into my reasons for creation, my motivation.  At the core, my practice is about the creation of joy, the spreading of light and  empowerment through acts of beauty and love.

Alongside all of my installations, there are always 2D and wall based works that result from experimentation and play. “Cultivating Light” is composed of works that were conceived after beginning my installation “Garden Party.” The 2D works with holographic and reflective materials are a direct representation of light and also conceptual ideas of spiritual light and manifestation.  The trailing holographic stickers are inspired by light trails and leading others to their own power.

Thinking about the symbolic meaning of flowers and bouquets as gifts as well as the political climate, I researched five women of color that were murdered by police within two hours of Chattanooga.  I created a bouquet unique to each woman, transforming art into personal connection and testament to loss and life. 





"Artist Residency Chattanooga welcomes artist Dana Lynn Harper" by Sean Phipps, NOOGA.com, (September 6, 2017)